"In the past years we improved the pregnancy rate of IVF using our predictive model"

The predictive

A tailormade process

Together with Linnè Klinic (Uppsala, Sweden) we developped a software that allows us to analyse all the clinical variables and to extremely personalise the treatments: we call it 'the predictive model'.
As any couples is unique, the predictive model is based on the the evaluation of every clinical variable and on our embryo score. We can select the best stimulation protocol for every woman and the best laboratory techniques for every couple. During the treatment we can understand better the ovarian reserve of a woman and evaluate the egg and embryo quality for that cycle. These data are analysed by our software and we can use them to decide the best timing and the best care for every couple. We decide the extend the embryo culture until blastocyst stage (i.e.) just on day 2 after the egg retrieval, as the former is not always appropriate, depending on the number and quality of embryos.