Oocytes and sperm

At LIVET Center it is possible to cryopreserve oocytes and sperm to preserve fertility.

Both ejaculated sperms or surgically retrieved samples from the epididymis or from the testicle, (performed by the urologists who cooperate with the Centre) can be cryopreserved.

The oocytes cryopreservation requires ovarian stimulation and ultrasound guided oocytes retrieval from the ovary under local anesthesia. This is a painless, low risk procedure that allows to preserve fertility in women who require therapies supposed to reduce the ovarian reserve or in women who decide to create a 'stock' of oocytes for a future attempt of conception. We really care about the reduction of fertility with the advanced maternal age and our advice is not to postpone the search for pregnancy because the chances of conception will gradually decrease with increasing age. However, in some cases, the patient can not try to become pregnant immediately or there is a risk of early reduction of the reserve of oocytes; in these cases, the freezing of oocytes can be a real alternative to preserve fertility to get pregnant in the following years.

With the gradual improvement of freezing techniques, survival and reproductive potential of frozen oocytes are comparable to those of fresh oocytes.