It is estimated that one in five couples, in Italy, have difficulties in conceiving. The problem is mainly related to age in which the couples try to become pregnant for the first time, a widespread trend across Europe and in industrialized countries. The causes of infertility can be manifold, but the most critical among these seems to be maternal age, crucial both for the spontaneous conception or for assisted reproductive procedures.

in the absence of known diseases, a search time of about a year to achieve pregnancy spontaneously is related to the normal physiology of the human specie. This waiting time should be reduced to 6 months after  the age of 37 as it would waste precious time in women with reduced ovarian reserve. When the couple fails to get the pregnancy, it is correct to address the problem with the family doctor or the gynecologist, who will direct them to a specialized center in Reproductive Medicine. On this occasion, the couple will receive a first orientation, based on their medical history and on the examination performed, to deal individually a possible diagnostic and therapeutic process. The fruitless search of pregnancy is always defined as a couple's infertility and it is therefore important that both partners participate in the first medical interview and in the subsequent diagnostic evaluations. These medical investigations usually identify the potential causes of infertility, which can be female, male or joint. In the 30% of the couples  a certain cause of the failure concepimento can not be identified only through exams and clinical evaluations, and it is often in vitro fertilization to provide the key to these cases: through IVF we get valuable informations on the quality of gametes and embryos.
The female partner will be investigated regarding ovulation and ovarian reserve, endocrine and metabolic profile, the normal shape of the uterus and ovaries and the tubal patency;  the man will take an evaluation of the semen and carry out an andrological visit. Anyway it is not assumed that all of the above analysis are necessary, decisions are always taken by the actors of the interview: the couple, the doctor, the scientific background and the time. The latter is, in fact, modulated on the couple: for example, the waiting time of one year may be reduced if certain conditions of age or pathology are present, or conversely, expanded to help the couple to conceive with the tips offered by the team.
Our method provides that the infertility diagnostic path is rapid, that the medical examinations are appropriate to the specific case and clearly justified, in order to be functional and targeted to the common goal: achieving a pregnancy.

The LIVET Center deals with the diagnosis and therapy of couple infertility in Turin through assisted reproductive technology (ovulation induction, IUI, IVF, ICSI).

"There are dozens, hundreds of different variables based on the characteristics of the subject: each couple is unique as the story of individuals who compose it"